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We have 6 board members.  The founder (Kim) has owned and operated her own salon for 20 years.  The vice president (Amie) also has been doing hair for 20 years.  The secretary (Mark) has managed large companies, and the assistant to the secretary (Stephanie) has also managed large companies. (Tana) another board member has a nonprofit helping with therapy of those recently released from incarceration.  And our final board member, (Crystal) is a former DHS caseworker.  All board members are committed to helping others out of their own good hearts, and not for self-gain.  Their satisfaction comes when the other person is assisted and helped. 


We want to have at least 3 staff people organizing and directing people.  Giving them a place to print out documents like a library sort of thing.  No legal advice is given.  We just point out where something is, ask them what they think.  Let them know they can search most subjects on the internet, but they may not know how to search.  


We do provide information on how to conduct research as to any subject, as there is an art to research and application of it.  We hope to have 10 new clients a week.  We will use the funds from the non-profit to pay for the staff, and overhead. We will charge a small fee to some people that would require our help with organizing or looking over information for them (without giving any legal advice).  Each person would likely receive between 5-20 hours of staff time.  We would never tell someone if they would win or lose, just giving them information to assist them.

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