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Founder Of Little Voices

                                                                       My STORY


            My personal experience(s) is the genesis of this organization, the process I went through, what I learned, and how those same principles, information, and resources can be used to help others who may be in a similar situation.  


               I learned many good resources of information that explain how to challenge findings of an agency or other rulings against a person, I want to share that information with others in the same type of situations.  


       I set up Little Voices to help those in situations similar to my own - people with a “Little Voice” (and those with “no voice”) who have been wrongfully accused and victimized, by the governmental systems.  Everyone deserves complete due process, in fair and equal trials.  


         One key benefit is that people feel empowered when they have worked on their own case, their own cause, as I did (and shared with others).


         I began to research again and the struggle I faced was I could not find any place that could help me with the steps to take.  After I thoroughly researched, I learned of the process of “Discovery” and once I did that, I created a  mapped out a time line, asked for more information, looked up all the laws and rules that applied, found the ethical manuals, and other information to prepare my defense to the false charges against me made by DHS.   


          This all helped me to understand my own case.  I later found out, after hiring an attorney, that the attorney did not have the information that I had.  The documenting of these events was significant when later I was able to use my documentation to dismantle every allegation made against me, based on my documentation, and my understanding of how to use that documentation in my favor, as well as the rules and laws that applied in order to appeal the adverse decision.  Based on my impeccable documentation, I was able to cite to exact dates and exact injuries (with photographs and explanations), and was able to state the history of all the facts clearly, and from solid evidence, in my fight to protect the child and expose the corruption in the small town.


                                FOUNDER’S EXPERIENCE TO BENEFIT OTHERS 


             Because of my first-hand experience with these things, I realized the need for an organization such as Little Voices.


          I began to share my stories with people who may have had similar issues when navigating the legal system. I shared what I began to do – simply write down your story and events.  Get a calendar and document.  Get a box and just toss in everything you come across or write it down then put it in the box, organize it later. This became so obvious to me. 


        However, most people do not understand the processes or that there is a process that they can do.  I suggested to others to do similar things, record requests, organize documents, and then find an attorney to help them.  I was not giving any legal advice, just practical suggestions that people could use, and links to websites so they could review the information that applied to their own case. 

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