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The "why" behind it all

My name is Kimberly, and this journey began with a vision of traveling to Mexico to support foster children and involve them in caring for homeless animals in the desert. However, our mission has evolved far beyond its initial scope. We've established a foundation dedicated to empowering individuals in their pursuit of justice.

Too often, people seeking justice find themselves hindered by inadequate legal representation. They sense that something is amiss; they recognize falsehoods from their lawyer, feel targeted by the District Attorney, or perceive unfair treatment from a judge, possibly due to personal biases.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to hold these parties accountable. We are here to guide you in effectively preparing your case for legal representation or, if necessary, advocating for yourself. Remember, no one understands your story better than you do. We're here to help you tell it effectively and seek the justice you deserve.

Board Members

Founder - Kimberly Schoene

Ashley - Directer

Jeannie - HR

Crystal - Fundraisers 

Tana - Grants and Support

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