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Empowering all Voices to be heard.


   Little Voices is a non-profit entity committed to enhancing access to justice for individuals and families who require assistance. Our range of services encompasses legal research, document discovery, and advocacy in legal matters. Additionally, we focus on empowering those we serve by offering resources designed to help them effectively navigate the complexities of the legal system.

   Our dedication is unwavering in supporting people from all walks of life, irrespective of their socio-economic background. We are devoted to delivering top-tier services to our clients, tirelessly working to safeguard their legal rights and ensure they receive the fair representation and support they deserve.

The Why behind Little Voices.     

      A year ago, I was sitting right were your sitting, helpless, anxious and scared. I developed this organization to put everything I have learned in one place. My case was destroying my life, it infested every aspect of my world, When I began to empower myself and learn on my own, I was no longer helpless, I was now motivated and driven. I learned that people lie, and I can do something about it. 

DA's LIE, Judges LIE, Attorneys LIE, Victims LIE!! And there are ways to do something about that. 

       If you take your case and innocence serious (regardless of past criminal record) get ready for something great! Things happen for a reason, You are HERE for a reason. YOU have been chosen and given this charge for a bigger purpose, find the POSITIVE in this, search for the WHAT and WHY. 

       If not for- my charge, I would not have started LITTLE VOICES. So thank you to all those that lied about me.. 


            Other Cool Stuff about us 

    We have  an online support group where people can give their stories and listen to others, sharing their experiences, to gain information, to gain encouragement and support from others with similar experience and how they overcame it (both the legal battles as well as emotional trauma).    



            We offer information to help people understand what discovery is, and provide information and/or find the appropriate form from the state, agency, or county, city, etc.  This is the type of information the I learned on my own without hiring an attorney.  










            If I had someone to help me, that could have made a major difference in the actual working on the case, and for emotional support.  This type of self-representation can make one “feel crazy” or insane, knowing what happened is not right.  But having no one to help a person and having to do the work themselves is overwhelming physically, mentally and emotionally.  Having some guidance and support is critical as I have already helped some others with similar situations, by giving  some simple experience, and encouragement.  These simple type of common-sense approaches gives people hope, and hope being the foundation upon which they can build their own case.



         I would not have been able to afford a lawyer to fight the legal battles I have engaged, I presented evidence in a format that has impressed most in the legal field. 




        Little Voices is building a volunteer-based support group to engage, support, mentor, and uplift people, as well as share information.  People helping others to achieve their goals, giving and receiving HOPE.  The reasons for a support group are many, as discussed above.  


         Some people cannot afford an attorney to represent them against a state agency (where “free legal help” is not available like a public defender), or in other cases.  These people fall between the cracks and Little Voices will help them to help themselves.  


         Those who do get a public defender could be helped because they could help to prepare their own case; those who hire an attorney can also help absorb the enormous costs of investigations, discovery, and those activities by doing the work themselves.    

“Helping people helping themselves” is another motto of Little Voices.

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