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Basic Duties of a Judge

        Judges preside over hearings and listen to the arguments of opposing parties. Judges and hearing officers apply the law by overseeing the legal process in courts. They also conduct pretrial hearings, resolve administrative disputes, facilitate negotiations between opposing parties, and issue legal decisions.

        How the system seems to works is as follows: You are charged with a crime you didn't do. You want everyone to pay for the part they played -lying or simply not doing there job (judge, DA, your Attorney)

 First thing you must do- focus on your case. Once you prevail. It's time to hold those accountable: You are going to be part of a bigger movement, and that is to force the law to follow the law.

Articles involving Judges
Judge wants to improve responses to Mental health issues


About the Commission

The Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability reviews complaints about Oregon state judges and justices of the peace and investigates when the alleged conduct might violate the state's Code of Judicial Conduct or Article VII (amended), Section 8 of the state constitution.

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