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You are what is called the Defendant 

        Sometimes your case is time sensitive so getting an attorney in the beginning is helpful, they can get your court date extended and gather the discovery for you. Medical documents can be subpoenaed and an attorney can do this. You can ask your attorney to gather everything from step 1.

Step 1:


  1. Write out your Story. What happened? The REAL VERSON even if it's scary and you're afraid it will make you seem more guilty then you feel you already are. Sometimes the stuff we think could work against us, is the key to our innocence.
      Nothing you tell us, will be finalized in the end without your approval. YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL. We are a platform to help you prepare for your attorney, We are here to help you, the final draft of all these documents will be delivered and introduced by you. 

  1.  Get a copy of your Charges. 

    1. Look up the ORS for each one (type in the Code number that is on the sheet your received from booking or the charge. Make sure you have been properly sentenced. The ORS is the tool that an attorney can look at and know what the actual charge is. 

This is Critical.

 3. Request all your Discovery (this is all the evidence against you) 

    1. You will need to locate all the places you may have discovery. 

        a. Police reports 

         b. Medical records 

        c. Sheriff Reports 

        d. 911 call footage 

        e. Court hearings 

        f. witnesses 


      Here is something else to note: 

      The DA only has one side and one version of the story, they are on the STATE side, they are neutral and they are not necessarily an enemy. Here are some things you need to do in the meantime while you prepare your case. 

Go To Class

          Example- charged with abuse? Do your due diligence and go to a class, start volunteering, do the things that you could be mandated by the court and do it before, the DA loves to see that. 

What really happens when false allegations are presented about you....

   From our experience this information is often not given to the defendants (you) and is not really looked at. Often times what happens is YOU are charged with a crime, the DA is presented with a police report and with that information, pushes for final charges to be made. Then your attorney gets the discovery (evidence to support the crime by the alleged victim) the attorney very briefly looks over it, then makes a call to the DA and they work out a settlement or plea.

        With out mapping out the details. This is why you and so many people get confused when you can see the evidence does not line up, yet you are still having to answer if you want a plea deal. So this is why before you get an attorney you want to make your case for the attorney, so when they go to the DA they are armed with information. 

      Is it wrong that the attorney just takes your money and doesn't fight for you! hell yes it is, but its not illegal.  But it's a disgusting the way our system has organized themselves. If they can plea you out and give you time, that 30G retainer they got will be pocketed and they have done nothing. 

       There is something that can be done, there are ways to hold everyone accountable for there part, but you have to wait till you are level headed and you have a grasp on your case. 




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